Monday, September 3, 2007

Todaybor day is Labor Day

I have just had 3 straight days off, now into the fourth and life is taking some amazing turns in this difficult yet sometimes rewarding city.

First off, I'm playing bass for my close friend, Paul Holmes. We lived together in college along with our drummer, Dave Greenwald. They formed an awesome band called Pitty Sing (named for the cat in a Flannery O'connor's "A Good Man is Hard to Find"). They were signed to OR music (Matisyahu and Los Lonely Boys are on that label but they sound nothing like those artists). The band basically didn't get off the ground fast enough, and they eventually split up. To make a short story long, Paul's been writing some amazing stuff, Dave just moved back to NYC, and it's on. There is a lead guitarist named Jay, but I don't know much about him yet.

I had my audition, a rehearsal for church, then I played two church services at Forefront before my tuning peg on my ghetto Ibanez busted, so I need a new bass ASAP. I've wanted to get something better, and Paul said it was necessary before it broke. God will provide, of this I'm sure.

We have decided to stay in NYC, because of the band and Chel's new job as a nanny (not set in stone yet, but she will hopefully be working 10 less hours a week for a considerable amount more money per week than she had been working).

Gregg Farrah is relaunching the Mosaic Church, which is where we first attended when we moved to NY. I'm hoping he asks me to lead worship. It would be even sweeter if I could get a paid staff position and be able to pursue ministry full or part time.

Amy is designing a tote/grocery bag. Here's a sneak preview:

We will start selling shirts as soon as our photographer friend Anna Marie Vu is available. She is incredibly talented at cooking, making flyers, music, cooking, web design, tons of other stuff, but especially photography. She is a freelance artist based in Long Island.

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