Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mini Mini

Lets preface this blog by saying I never liked chihuahua's. They shiver and yelp, and I figured that if you sneeze on one, they would just shatter into tiny pieces. Then one day while driving by a camp ground in the Redwood Forest in California, my wife's grandmother saw what I thought was a tiny fawn or baby fox. We pulled over and Nana got out and scooped up a scared 2-4 week old chihuahua into her arms, and we were on our way. Long story short, we were unable to get her back to her owner and the camp's ranger said that the people looking for it had already moved on and didn't leave a phone number, but we could drop her off at the ranger station, but they'd just put her in a pound. We called the number on her tag but the phone was disconnected. Her dog tag read "Minnie."
On the car ride back to Nana's, we wrapped the shivering dog in a towel and after a short while I found myself holding the sleeping puppy while Chelbie did her best to coax me into keeping her. Chelbie had been wanting to get a dog for a long time now, but I was against it. I love dogs, but I didn't feel like walking, feeding, and cleaning up after anything but myself and I was worried a dog would eat one of my guitars or something.
My resistance was quickly broken, this dog was just too damn cute, and to make it worse she kept following me. On top of that she turns out to be highly social with people, children, and other animals. She hardly ever barks, she is the best dog I've ever had. Chihuahua's are very loyal, as it turns out, and have favorites. I guess I'm her favorite. Say it with me now, "awwwww." okay, shutup. Oh yah, we changed her name from Minnie to Mini cuz she is tiny.

That was almost 3 years ago. Today we finally had her spayed, which had us nervous for her, like she was our kid. I'm going to go pick her up from the vet after this blog is finished. Here are some Mini pictures:

My sister made her this rad dress (shown in the first picture above) for Christmas two years ago I need to get better pictures of it, cuz that just doesn't do it justice.

And in other news, we finally got props from etsy administrator Iheartmoustaches for our Mustache Man shirt. Though we didn't make the top ten etsy mustache items, we are in the Storque Article. okay, I have to get back to work I have so many shirts left to make and send out.

Here's a little somthing for the mustache fans out there

I smell bacon!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

cops and robbers

as hinted at at my sister's blog (click here to see it, bologna face), we are up to no good once again. It will involve both of our combined talents (and I'll do even do a little musical compostion), and its coming to a youtube near you. The above picture is all I can show for now.

I'm considering going into film scoring, I mean I've always wanted to do it, but I never actually got serious about it. At my myspace page I have a few instrumentals (most of which are builders, so they don't really climax until the final 3rd of the song), and even a chase sequence peice for an imaginary chase scene for a suspense thriller.

I also did this peice that could be a slow motion funeral scene. Which reminds me. The best funeral sequence w/ music I have ever seen was (here comes the inner geek, shining forth) the 100th episode of Smallville, Johnathan Kent's funeral http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsAMckYFm7Q What makes it great is the pacing, the camera work, the snow instead of the cliche' reain, and best of all, they used Peter Gabriel's "I Grieve," which is another slow breathing and building song. That was the Zenith of the show and it has pretty sucked ever after.

ok, I have serious work to do. I've taken on my first music student in 2 years, and that means I'm brushing up on guitar scales and riffs. Secondly, I need to find a silkscreen supply store in O.C. so I can get a big enough squeegee to screen the "tree girl" image much cleaner. Third, I have finish my t-shirt tags so I can tag and ship some of our shirts off to Still Life Clothing, a shop in San Francisco that is going to sell some of our shirts.


ok, I'm back from the coolest art supply store. Everything was as much as $6 cheaper than NY and I got a cool Critter Splitter for under $4. I got the orange monster below, he's awesome, but I'd really like the headband wearing, boombox toting duck in the back or the "kinda rare" yeti. You can mix and match their bodies and heads as shown in the other picture.

off the topic, I just changed my Facebook region from NYC to O.C. and was saddened to see the following after I hit "submit"

Orange County, CA
You have no friends in Orange County, CA.

thanks facebook! You were adopted. There how does that feel? jerk.



Monday, May 12, 2008


AHHHHH, gimme gimme!

Geek Central Station's Etsy Store

I can't have it cuz:

1. its SOLD
2. I don't have a job anymore so I don't have expendable income right now

p.s. to all you mutha's out there:

Thursday, May 8, 2008

In the garage (I feel safe)

I've finally found a way of getting photoshop to work and getting my pictures out of the camera without digging through my storage space for a cable. My etsy shop looks a little better now.

Don't I have a nice rack!? I got a clothing rack hanger and these black and red clothing racks from Ikea to store all my shirt stock, but after this weeks order from american apparel I bulked it out and then some. I could use at least one more rack setup like this. Here's my setup in the garage:

And in other news, I got a mediocre haircut for 10 bucks, quite a switch from my last haircut in Manhattan, where I paid $125.
let's compare:
$125:and heres the new 10 dollar 'do:
I guess you could say I got mugged in New York by a girl with scissors.

What I really wanted to show off today is my first ever trade with etsy seller Custom Ink
They're canvases painted to look like cassete tapes. I had mine custom made to say "Glenn and Chelbie". Here it sits cozily alongside my laptop, harmonica, and monitoring headphones, although I actually keep mine hanging on my bedroom wall. You should get one, they come in all different colors, or you can request a color and writing on it. Best of all, they're only $18 You can even get a tape deck canvas to go with your tape canvas.

Lastly, I saw Iron Man last Sunday, and after seeing it, I still feel like when I was 9 or 10 and the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles movie came out and I had to kick and punch everything I set my eyes on for months. Robert Downey, Jr. has become one of my new favorite actors. He has joined Pitt, Depp, Cusack, Michael Caine, Jason Lee and Christian Bale.
ok, I'm gonna now, its time to spaz out like a 10 year old.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

(must I be) a Man in a suitcase

I have moved from Milwaukee, WI to Brooklyn, NY to Queens, NY to Orange County, CA in the span of little more than a year.

I love travel but I'm sicking of storage spaces and boxes. I can't find my good microphones and I have a million USB cables, but I have no idea where my camera cable is, and stupid Fuji uses its own non-standard cable.
I took a bunch of pictures this morning of my shop set up, a red shirt we sell that needed a picture update (it looks orange online), and my desktop recording studio.

I have finally finished a song! (I've only written one full song since moving to New York, I was home sick-otherwise I never would have had the time). It was hard to present to my wife because the lyrics were so honest, but she loved it. I'm putting together my first full length album slowly but surely, all I need to do is write more and finish recording some things I've been working on. I have around a hundred songs already written, but I want new ones. Whats odd is that I have a sound in mind, but all these other songs come out that are no where near the vein I want to represent. It happens all the time with me, I set out for a rock song and out comes a a latin samba, I wanted a moody digital piece, out comes a jazz standard. I can't seem to shed my roots (I was a straight ahead jazz saxophonist for most of my life).

OK, enough slackin, I have shirts to make and songs to record.