Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby Daddy

We need to find a baby to show off our new line of baby clothes! My wife wants a baby yesterday (and my parents and in-laws are chomping at the bit for grandchitlins), but even if we have one in nine months from now, it's not gonna be fast enough to show off our new baby line.
here's what we have to offer so far:

If you know anyone with some babies just lying around and they aren't using them or anything, lemme know. Remember people, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle."

If they are using the babies, great, then they need to be wearing our clothes.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Etsy Gift Guide for Dads and Dudes

I have been perusing the Etsy Father's Day Treasuries and Etsy Finds like a hawk trying to find something cool for my Dad, but have been coming up short. I don't want to get him something that will get tossed in the "junk drawer" when I'm not looking. I don't know how to put it politely, but most Dad's don't actually want you to knit, crochet, or weave them anything, even if it is to be used for drinking, fishing, hunting, or belching contests.

I must admit, I'm not the typical "guy," I dislike fishing, hunting, and sports- especially golf. I don't drink much at all these days, and I'm not all that into shoot 'em up 'splosion films, though I do watch them (especially if they have Super/Spider/X-/Iron Man in the title) . I don't know or care much about cars, though I've learned to fix them out of necessity. I never really got into tools until my Dad bought me one for my birthday. It rules, I use it all the time, but just because I like my tools, it doesn't mean I want to display it on my shirt/tie/wallet/belt (unless it is an actual toolbelt-still please don't decorate a tool belt as a gift). Nonetheless, just being a guy makes me qualified enough to say, "hey, here's some stuff dad/guys might like."

That said, here's my attempt at an Etsy gift guide for Dads and Dudes.

With this first item, I have to eat my words about displaying tools on my belt, I would wear this belt buckle proudly:

These belt buckles are not only stylish, they're well made with quality hardware and its only $30. Kali Mellus' shop, ByKali has several more that I'd also like.

And if you're gonna get a guy something made of wood, or something practical yet whimsical: try this:

This is the Coming and Going Bull Trophy Holdall by LuxfordSt. yeah, it's cool.

I'm a huge fan of functional art, especially lamp art. Here's a spraypaint can lamp by bblock:

Here's an apron that won't emasculate your Dad when he BBQ's: Its called "Chef Chop" and its available in Juror 2's shop.

Duct tape wallets and other handmade wallets are cool, but Dad might want something he won't be embarassed to pull out at the bank. How's bout this here money clip made by Garnish Home ?

Dad's love sweets, so if you can't bake, why not let someone else?

I saw this pile of cookies and startied gnawing on my laptop screen. My laptop doesn't taste anywhere near as good as these Double Chocolate Coffee Macadamia Nut cookies by Groovy Cookies.
Now all you need is a Father's Day card like this one at Kindred Knits and your all set.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Father's Day Fodder

Dad's Day is approaching, which always sucks for me because I live on the far side of the country from him, and have for many years, because I have bounced from Boston to Brooklyn, and now to Orange County. It also sucks beacause I can never think of anything good enough to get him that he doesn't already have. Practical is not always best, since he can go out and get whatever tools he needs and he'll know better which brands and types. Dad's don't want a damn tie either! They like toys and gadgets.

I have bought my dad toy and model airplanes, helicopters, kites, an mp3 player, an mp3 site subscription, an audiobook subscription, but the best was when I built him a spud gun. How do you top an illegal potato-launching firearm? I'm not sure you can, and he already has a wicked 6 foot long, industrial rubber-grade water baloon launcher (and he sure as hell ain't launching balloons with it either-try eggs, tomatoes, golfballs, apples, and the occasional jar of pickles).

Like myself, my Dad's also a drummer, but he already has an electric drumset and an awesome Pearl kit. I've bought him Zildjian gear, videos, etc. so thats out.
My parents both lift weights and work out, but we've already bought them (or they've bought themselves) every flash in the pan workout gadget you can think of: Stairmaster, Thighmaster, Abmaster, even Slide Aerobics (remember that one? it was supposed to simulate rollerblading, nowadays you wouldn't be caught dead actually rollerblading).

Unfortunately, etsy wasn't much help either. I don't know how many guys actually wear cuff links that aren't sizing you up for a tuxedo in the mall. Belts, ties, wallets! Are men really so dull? no. this can't be.

Well for what it's worth, Amy took some shots of pops in one of our shirts, we're going to list them in the Father's Day Treasury.

well, I'm off to go make some new stuff for our shop, there will be some new designs trickling into our store this month, even stuff for babies. Babies love to shop.