Monday, October 1, 2007


We sold our first shirt today and I haven't even been advertising, nor have I sent out the official store launch flyers yet! This was our last limited edition "grande est le cerveau de la baleine," which in French means large is the brain of the whale

To celebrate, I bought Chelbie this pendant from Imogen's Etsy shop:

they also have a koi fish that I think looks great:

Amy is currently working on a tote bag with the following Cow image she came up with:
I think we'll have to make a silkscreen tutorial in the future that documents our unique creative process, from phone conversation brainstorm, to idea, to paper, to scanner, to photoshop, back to paper sometimes, back to computer, to transparency, to screen, to substrate, to online store, to delivery guy, and finally to you.

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zarita said...

wowzers! such a process! just a bit less complicated than the milk/cow process. sweet stuff, s.i.!