Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Throw Stones

I'm going to be doing my first event selling Spitting Image stuff, Saturday, Sept. 20 at The Glass House in Pomona. Also featured will be Kid Robot (yes!) OBEY (way too trendy), Paul Frank and some others I haven't heard of, but I probably should have. I went to an art gallery in Tribeca last year featuring Souther Salazar (a fav of mine and my sister Amy's) and the adjoining room was Shepard Fairey and all his OBEY stuff that has once again become popular.

Here are some pictures of the Souther Salazar exhibit I attended, many of which I took, the others are from his site:

Speaking of exhbits, I need to write up a blog about fellow etsian, Timber, who I chanced to meet here in california at a silkscreen shop. He recognized the mustache man shirt I was wearing and asked where I got it. I told him I made it and he revealed that he was Timberps, which is crazy cuz I've been wanting one of his shirts for a long time. I'll post that one later.

Speaking once again about art exhibits, come on down to the Glass House Sat. Sept. 20
"Bring the litle pardners, hell, we got plenty of snakes and lizards for them to play with. Say it once, say it twice, third times a charm - and remember: I'll eat anything you want me to eat, I'll swallow anything you want me to swallow. Come on down, I'll chew on a dog. Arooooooooo!"
this is for Amy:


Hey Harriet said...

All the best with The Glass house event. I'd go along if I wasn't living on the other side of the world.

Annette said...

Best of luck for many sales on Saturday! Your stuff is very original.

amy said...

Thanks for the Beetlejuice shoutout Glenn!

I think you forgot to finish writing artist "Paul Frank" and when you say you wanted to blog about Timber,I think it's Timberps. Ciao fart!

amy said...

oh yeah, did you check out my glob?
I globbed about the Glasshouse swap meet too. I have links attached to your name, click on them. hoo haaaa!

hana said...

hello! my boyfriend bought your Clothesline shirt @ the event and he loooooves it. :)

for us, the swap meet was kind of a bust but i'm glad we found your shirts.