Sunday, November 2, 2008

Best Bike in the Whole World SSS

Okay, it's not Pee Wee Herman's "best bike in the whole world," and it may not be my ultimate favorite bike, but it is mine, and I love it.

The Best bike in the Whole World

I have been wanting to post pictures of my new motorcycle, and these shadow shots for 2 weeks now, I just keep forgetting, so I'm postdating this blog to launch on next sunday.


amy said...

Did you add this to the Mr. Linky gadget because I didn't see your name on the SSS list.
tsk tsk.

Coooool pictures, I'd actually like to see a picture of your bike or you riding on your new bike.

Also, I hear you like your new job, you get to play all kinds of musical instruments. Fantastic.

Mom said you keep calling me and I never answer my phone, my phone died one night but my phone has been on since, and there are no missed calls from you except for the Tom Waits message which I think was you.
Also I forgot, even though I asked you already. I forgot for the La Habra app, what size booth do you want, I forget.
Sorry, then I can submit it as soon as I get that info.
Geez, I should just call you.

espionage said...

It's a great bike. Can I also just mention that every time I click through your comment on my page to your profile page and see "shutup your face" I uncontrollably crack up unbeknownst to myself how I got to uncontrollable laughter just by glimpsing something on a page?

Hey Harriet said...

Now that's a very cool bike! Great shadow shots!

Hey, the link you put in Mr Linky took me to your previous SSS post. So I'll go delete that one now & add it again. You goose! ;D

Gina said...

Your new bike is gorgeous and casts such a cool shadow! Thanks for sharing :D

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Wonderful Shadows!! Nice bike.......pee wee herman - now that's a name we haven't heard in a long time...ha!!

Richiesliv DÅ och NU said...

That's for sure. Fantastic MB.

Take care!

amy said...

Glenn, you should do blog about those awesome masks you made. They're awesome dooooooooooooood!

amy said...
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