Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby Daddy

We need to find a baby to show off our new line of baby clothes! My wife wants a baby yesterday (and my parents and in-laws are chomping at the bit for grandchitlins), but even if we have one in nine months from now, it's not gonna be fast enough to show off our new baby line.
here's what we have to offer so far:

If you know anyone with some babies just lying around and they aren't using them or anything, lemme know. Remember people, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle."

If they are using the babies, great, then they need to be wearing our clothes.


Anonymous said...

I have a super cute baby and I love to take I'll trade you modeling rights for free onesies.

Gah, I'm whoring my baby out for cute clothes. Shoot me.

Heather Buchanan said...

1. Solution to your baby-less problem: make a Heather-sized onesie, send it to me, and I will be equally prompt at getting around to photo seshing you some phototos as I have been with my fabulous moustache man shirt. But, as you've noticed, he's made an appearance modelling scarves and such in my vintagey shoppe.

2. Punch your friends.

3. I'm finally going to be not moving and not in the Yukon, and thusly working on finishing my grand stop motion funtime film(s)! I am super excited to hear songles you've made! Sorry for not showing my extreme enthusiasm earlier. But I am! ENTHUSIASTIC! Send them to heatherfuture (at) And I will film some strange magnificence to go along with it with the 20-something magnetic ceramic crabs I thrift stored many moons ago.

I am really really really excited to see what happens with your cops and robbers. Yesssssss!

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