Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Father's Day Fodder

Dad's Day is approaching, which always sucks for me because I live on the far side of the country from him, and have for many years, because I have bounced from Boston to Brooklyn, and now to Orange County. It also sucks beacause I can never think of anything good enough to get him that he doesn't already have. Practical is not always best, since he can go out and get whatever tools he needs and he'll know better which brands and types. Dad's don't want a damn tie either! They like toys and gadgets.

I have bought my dad toy and model airplanes, helicopters, kites, an mp3 player, an mp3 site subscription, an audiobook subscription, but the best was when I built him a spud gun. How do you top an illegal potato-launching firearm? I'm not sure you can, and he already has a wicked 6 foot long, industrial rubber-grade water baloon launcher (and he sure as hell ain't launching balloons with it either-try eggs, tomatoes, golfballs, apples, and the occasional jar of pickles).

Like myself, my Dad's also a drummer, but he already has an electric drumset and an awesome Pearl kit. I've bought him Zildjian gear, videos, etc. so thats out.
My parents both lift weights and work out, but we've already bought them (or they've bought themselves) every flash in the pan workout gadget you can think of: Stairmaster, Thighmaster, Abmaster, even Slide Aerobics (remember that one? it was supposed to simulate rollerblading, nowadays you wouldn't be caught dead actually rollerblading).

Unfortunately, etsy wasn't much help either. I don't know how many guys actually wear cuff links that aren't sizing you up for a tuxedo in the mall. Belts, ties, wallets! Are men really so dull? no. this can't be.

Well for what it's worth, Amy took some shots of pops in one of our shirts, we're going to list them in the Father's Day Treasury.

well, I'm off to go make some new stuff for our shop, there will be some new designs trickling into our store this month, even stuff for babies. Babies love to shop.


Fog and Thistle said...

Your dad looks like a cool guy!

Spitting Image said...

Yeah, he is pretty cool, I mean he's in his late forties and lifts weights and he is a rock drummer. \
oddly, in some of the outtakes from this shoot he looks like Bill Murray.

Hey Harriet said...

Oh you have the most awesome sounding dad! I love my dad heaps but certainly couldn't categorize him as 'cool' like yours! Hope you eventually find the perfect gift for him. I have the same trouble figuring out what to get my dad also. Thankfully Father's Day isn't celebrated here in Australia until September so I have a little more time than you to figure it out :D

Marie Louise said...

Just discovering your blog for the first time. Love your stuff. I will be back!

amy said...

Glenn, News flash! Men really are dull. The only thing men like are golf tees, cuff links, and football. Pssh! Get a clue! Here's a gift idea for our dad...beer and a lazyboy. He must also posess the remote all day and a get out of jail free coupon for leaving the toilet seat up.

Spitting Image said...

oh yeah, Amy, what was I thinking, we should totally get our dad a boob shaped beer can topper and a FBI (Federal Bikini Inspector)shirt. In fact, we should even start selling those on our etsy page.

Look Left Karen said...

Hey, Thanks for featuring my Coming and Going Bull holdall on your blog, bloody fabulous!

Your stuff looks great! I must get to Etsy and take a closer look!

Karen from LuxfordSt