Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mini Mini

Lets preface this blog by saying I never liked chihuahua's. They shiver and yelp, and I figured that if you sneeze on one, they would just shatter into tiny pieces. Then one day while driving by a camp ground in the Redwood Forest in California, my wife's grandmother saw what I thought was a tiny fawn or baby fox. We pulled over and Nana got out and scooped up a scared 2-4 week old chihuahua into her arms, and we were on our way. Long story short, we were unable to get her back to her owner and the camp's ranger said that the people looking for it had already moved on and didn't leave a phone number, but we could drop her off at the ranger station, but they'd just put her in a pound. We called the number on her tag but the phone was disconnected. Her dog tag read "Minnie."
On the car ride back to Nana's, we wrapped the shivering dog in a towel and after a short while I found myself holding the sleeping puppy while Chelbie did her best to coax me into keeping her. Chelbie had been wanting to get a dog for a long time now, but I was against it. I love dogs, but I didn't feel like walking, feeding, and cleaning up after anything but myself and I was worried a dog would eat one of my guitars or something.
My resistance was quickly broken, this dog was just too damn cute, and to make it worse she kept following me. On top of that she turns out to be highly social with people, children, and other animals. She hardly ever barks, she is the best dog I've ever had. Chihuahua's are very loyal, as it turns out, and have favorites. I guess I'm her favorite. Say it with me now, "awwwww." okay, shutup. Oh yah, we changed her name from Minnie to Mini cuz she is tiny.

That was almost 3 years ago. Today we finally had her spayed, which had us nervous for her, like she was our kid. I'm going to go pick her up from the vet after this blog is finished. Here are some Mini pictures:

My sister made her this rad dress (shown in the first picture above) for Christmas two years ago I need to get better pictures of it, cuz that just doesn't do it justice.

And in other news, we finally got props from etsy administrator Iheartmoustaches for our Mustache Man shirt. Though we didn't make the top ten etsy mustache items, we are in the Storque Article. okay, I have to get back to work I have so many shirts left to make and send out.

Here's a little somthing for the mustache fans out there

I smell bacon!


bunbun said...

what is with you and your family having the cutest animals ever?

Minnie is adorable.

bunbun said...

I am sorry, I meant to call by her proper name, Mini! (which is so cute! awwwwwwww!)

Fog and Thistle said...

Minnie is a clever name for a chihuahua. Congrats on the Storque appearance!

amy said...

Mini is the cutest dog of all the land...except maybe tied with Dooley.

I was also an anti-chihuahua person until I met Mini, the sweetest little dog lady. I can picture her sweeping the porch with a broom while wearing a babushka (sp?) when she gets old. It's safe to say, I'm no loger a chihuahua hater.

Hey Harriet said...

Awwww...that Mini is a cutie. For a Chihuahua ;)