Thursday, May 8, 2008

In the garage (I feel safe)

I've finally found a way of getting photoshop to work and getting my pictures out of the camera without digging through my storage space for a cable. My etsy shop looks a little better now.

Don't I have a nice rack!? I got a clothing rack hanger and these black and red clothing racks from Ikea to store all my shirt stock, but after this weeks order from american apparel I bulked it out and then some. I could use at least one more rack setup like this. Here's my setup in the garage:

And in other news, I got a mediocre haircut for 10 bucks, quite a switch from my last haircut in Manhattan, where I paid $125.
let's compare:
$125:and heres the new 10 dollar 'do:
I guess you could say I got mugged in New York by a girl with scissors.

What I really wanted to show off today is my first ever trade with etsy seller Custom Ink
They're canvases painted to look like cassete tapes. I had mine custom made to say "Glenn and Chelbie". Here it sits cozily alongside my laptop, harmonica, and monitoring headphones, although I actually keep mine hanging on my bedroom wall. You should get one, they come in all different colors, or you can request a color and writing on it. Best of all, they're only $18 You can even get a tape deck canvas to go with your tape canvas.

Lastly, I saw Iron Man last Sunday, and after seeing it, I still feel like when I was 9 or 10 and the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles movie came out and I had to kick and punch everything I set my eyes on for months. Robert Downey, Jr. has become one of my new favorite actors. He has joined Pitt, Depp, Cusack, Michael Caine, Jason Lee and Christian Bale.
ok, I'm gonna now, its time to spaz out like a 10 year old.


Heather Buchanan said...

As far as crabland goes, it doesn't really matter. If you don't get around to making something until I'm done, then I'll show it to you. If you feel like making something silly in the meantime, go for it.

Here's a sample of my stop animation prowess:

Hilda said...

Okay, what's the cassette tape canvass for? I don't get it.

amy said...

Speaking of spazzing out like a ten year old. I do Remember when the ninja turtles movie came out, and the two crazy Van Leuven boys would chase us around pretending to fight us like ninja turtles. They were the ultimate spazzes. You defended us by picking up a frozen turd (with a gloved hand) and chucked it at them, then you were reported to our principal. Their mom came to my class and asked me why we picked on them. They were the ones who tormented us!

bunbun said...

In the garage I feel safe, you crack me up!

I like your mix tape canvas, its rad. And I like your organizational skills too!