Saturday, May 3, 2008

(must I be) a Man in a suitcase

I have moved from Milwaukee, WI to Brooklyn, NY to Queens, NY to Orange County, CA in the span of little more than a year.

I love travel but I'm sicking of storage spaces and boxes. I can't find my good microphones and I have a million USB cables, but I have no idea where my camera cable is, and stupid Fuji uses its own non-standard cable.
I took a bunch of pictures this morning of my shop set up, a red shirt we sell that needed a picture update (it looks orange online), and my desktop recording studio.

I have finally finished a song! (I've only written one full song since moving to New York, I was home sick-otherwise I never would have had the time). It was hard to present to my wife because the lyrics were so honest, but she loved it. I'm putting together my first full length album slowly but surely, all I need to do is write more and finish recording some things I've been working on. I have around a hundred songs already written, but I want new ones. Whats odd is that I have a sound in mind, but all these other songs come out that are no where near the vein I want to represent. It happens all the time with me, I set out for a rock song and out comes a a latin samba, I wanted a moody digital piece, out comes a jazz standard. I can't seem to shed my roots (I was a straight ahead jazz saxophonist for most of my life).

OK, enough slackin, I have shirts to make and songs to record.


Spitting Image said...

I'm going to post on my own blahg and go on the record saying that I have verbal diarreah. I can't keep a comment on someone's blog brief to save my life. Levity trumps brevity everytime.

Fog and Thistle said...

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. I found a camera supply shop and they make these wonderful little devices for people like you and me who can't find their special USB camera wires. You stick your memory card in and plug it into your computer and voila!

The one I got was by eFilm All in 1 reader/writer and the beauty of it is that I think almost any kind of memory card works with it.

I like your shop. I saw your bicycle man shirt on Heather Future's blog and found it whimsical and appealing!

Heather Buchanan said...

If at some point you feel like taking a break from real-song writing, and want to record a somewhat minimalistic one minute electronic monstrosity (or really any sort of song you fancy) with nothing but the words "CRAB LAND" repeated over and over again, and send it to me, it would end up in a stop-motion animation movie. Just sayin'.