Thursday, May 15, 2008

cops and robbers

as hinted at at my sister's blog (click here to see it, bologna face), we are up to no good once again. It will involve both of our combined talents (and I'll do even do a little musical compostion), and its coming to a youtube near you. The above picture is all I can show for now.

I'm considering going into film scoring, I mean I've always wanted to do it, but I never actually got serious about it. At my myspace page I have a few instrumentals (most of which are builders, so they don't really climax until the final 3rd of the song), and even a chase sequence peice for an imaginary chase scene for a suspense thriller.

I also did this peice that could be a slow motion funeral scene. Which reminds me. The best funeral sequence w/ music I have ever seen was (here comes the inner geek, shining forth) the 100th episode of Smallville, Johnathan Kent's funeral What makes it great is the pacing, the camera work, the snow instead of the cliche' reain, and best of all, they used Peter Gabriel's "I Grieve," which is another slow breathing and building song. That was the Zenith of the show and it has pretty sucked ever after.

ok, I have serious work to do. I've taken on my first music student in 2 years, and that means I'm brushing up on guitar scales and riffs. Secondly, I need to find a silkscreen supply store in O.C. so I can get a big enough squeegee to screen the "tree girl" image much cleaner. Third, I have finish my t-shirt tags so I can tag and ship some of our shirts off to Still Life Clothing, a shop in San Francisco that is going to sell some of our shirts.


ok, I'm back from the coolest art supply store. Everything was as much as $6 cheaper than NY and I got a cool Critter Splitter for under $4. I got the orange monster below, he's awesome, but I'd really like the headband wearing, boombox toting duck in the back or the "kinda rare" yeti. You can mix and match their bodies and heads as shown in the other picture.

off the topic, I just changed my Facebook region from NYC to O.C. and was saddened to see the following after I hit "submit"

Orange County, CA
You have no friends in Orange County, CA.

thanks facebook! You were adopted. There how does that feel? jerk.




amy said...

That's it?

bunbun said...

that is a little mysterious.....

bunbun said...

wow! you have some intense shit going on! All very cool. I think it is so cool how you and your sis can collaborate so far away from each other.

I hit you up on myspace!